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Let’s go fishing with my Coastal Boat – RUBENETTI Javea

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Just a few weeks ago. Sitting at the sunny Javea Beach in Spain: We were thinking of adding extra features to our Javea Coastal Rowing boat. It was late afternoon, and we saw fishing boats returning to Javea harbour. “Would be nice to have some fresh fish”, someone said. “It would even be nicer to have a fishing rod on board my rowing boat”. One of the craziest ideas in coastal rowing was born… Let’s go fishing with my Coastal Boat.

let's go fishing with rubenetti
Rubenetti Javea with fishing boat features, credit Rubenetti


Ruben disappeared for a few days, and when he finally returned from his workshop, he presented his idea: He created something you would have never thought of – a “solo” fishing boat. Really: We went fishing on our Coastal Boat. Not possible, you say? Nothing is impossible for a passionate craftsman like Ruben. He added a 750 Euro fishing feature to the Javea Coastal Boat, and off we went fishing. One of the funniest things I have ever seen.

We must admit that our Rubenetti Javea is the perfect boat for that. With only 19 kg and stable on the waves, it is a perfect boat to go fishing. It is wide enough at the stern to hold a life jacket plus a 20-litre Cooler. Enough to carry drinks or, later on, to transport the catch of the day. He added a second net at the bow to fasten clothes, bait baskets and extra ropes. An anchor device at the deck behind the rigger helps to fasten potential anchors in case we plan to rest rowing for a while. Does not work as good as in your motoryacht, but in moderate and calm conditions, the coastal rowing boat get to a 100% stillstand this way

Let’s go fishing: Javea, Spain, the best place to test the Javea fishing boat

Let's go fishing with my Coastal Boat.
Final preparations: Let’s go fishing with my Coastal Boat.




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