Coastal Rowing Workshop in Hamburg

Coastal Rowing in Hamburg. The First Coastal Ruder Club Hamburg ECRC and Rowing in Europe ( are hosting the first of 4 workshops in 2023. The Coastal Rowing Workshop in Hamburg. Date: April  15./16. 2023.  Find registration form here. Hamburg and the Elbe River: A Coastal Rowing Destination Hamburg is one of the Coastal Rowing centers in Germany. Almost all

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Coastal Rowing

What exactly is a gelcoat

Most of our rowing boats are covered with a gelcoat. We’ve all heard that before. But do you know, what exactly a gelcoat is? It

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Cross-Training for Rowers

Many other sports look to indoor rowing as a way of providing extra endurance sessions for their training, but what can rowers take from other

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The weight of Coastal Boats

We posted this post in 2021. In the meantime, some new versions of carbon boats are newly available on the market. And many manufacturers have

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Coastal Regatta

Coastal Rowing Events 2023

Update: January 27: It’s that time of the year again. Slowly but surely many coastal event organizers are going to publish their events. Our team

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Coastal Boats

Coastal Boats wishes Happy Holidays

All of us here at wish all of our readers, customers, friends and Coastal-Rowing-enthusiasts Happy Holidays and a relaxing and peaceful transition into the

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