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You want to buy a coastal rowing boat? What should it be? A new boat? A used boat? A hybrid or a light one? Carbon or GRP? Laminated by hand or infused? The questions when buying coastal boats are almost endless.
We did some research for you and have a selection of boats that are currently on the market. It is a collection of coastal Solo’s, we did not include any special boats like inflatables, and the list is far from complete (there are many more like Ave and Salani). We collected mostly boats that you can find at German coasts and lakes, and we actually rowed most of the boats. Have a look at the original list (in German).

What are the criteria for buying a coastal boat?

All boats on our list are pretty good boats, and if we can recommend anything, it’s prices and design.

  • Good entry-level boats are available from just over 3000 € (all prices mentioned here are shipyard prices). They are solidly built and well suited for everyday use. If you want a little higher quality when buying coastal boats, you can find good all-rounders from about 3600 €.
  • Almost all shipyards insist on part of the payment in advance.
  • In contrast to the Olympic boat classes, delivery times of 6-8 weeks are normal.

Bow and hull:

  • Take a look at the shape of the boat, preferably in videos. Here you can also see which boats do not cut the waves well. In our post … Bugform …  (in German/ an English translation will follow next week) you can find more information.
  • Boat length: Does the boat has to be a 6 m long or can it be shorter? In German, we say “Length runs”, but how does that work while surfing through the waves? A longer boat will bring in front at the beach sprint but it will cost you a lot of maneuverability.

Buy a Coastal Rowing boat – Check this List:


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  1. Danny

    This was helpful to get an overview of prices. Many thanks! I am rowing the Atlantic next year and I am looking for a proper training boat.

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