What are the Top Coastal Rowing Boats for Regatta Racing?

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You are an advanced rower at the coast and you have decided to start a carrer in regatta racing? Well done. Good decision. Now it is the time to decide about the right boat to use. A boat to be competitive. But what are the top Coastal Rowing Boats for you? Coastal-Boats.eu has two recommendations for you. RS X19 and the 2022 Rubenetti Co1x Race 11

Main suggested criteria:

Hull and shape of bow.

  • Check out videos of coastal boats. Watch if or how the bow of the boat will bounce. If the boat bounces in flat and calm water you need to think:  The less bouncing, the less “dancing”, the better the boat keeps the direction. A waive piercing bow helps a lot. With these shapes the boat stays in the water most the time and cuts the surface cleanly and sharp.

Fit to Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea:

  • Buy a boat that fits the water you are rowing in. For wave height >200cm you might need a different bow as you need for 80cm or 150cm.
  • The Atlantic ocean in France and Spain has a typical avg. swell of 120-150cm, the baltic sea is lower (80-120cm).
  • Same for rowing in the pacific.  Still, you might consider a second boat for a swell 200 cm and higher. The average winter wave heights in the north Pacific are approximately ≥ 300cm while the summer wave heights are approximately ≤ 200cm.

Boat weight:

  • Get a boat below FISA weight specification. These boats have a higher waterline and are faster. The 28 kg hull does not sink as much into the water as a 35 kg boat. This makes you 1-3 km(hr)  faster.  Lighter boats are likely made of carbon. A plus: Carbon boats are stiffer and react directly to your navigation. A small advantage you might have at the buoy turns. Coastal Boats definitively recommending carbon boats for racing.
Fast as it looks: Good boat builders are always trying to find the best “aqua dynamic” shape: credit Rubenetti Study

What are the top Coastal Rowing Boats for you?

Rubenetti: Co 1x RACE 11 (1)

Rubenetti, the Spanish boatbuilder built up his reputation in fast going coastal boats. All boats are designed for Atlantic and Pacific racing and can also be used in flat water conditions. These boats have 2 design features which makes them good and fast at the coast:

  • Axe bow and wave piercing bow: This bow shape brings volume to the front part of the boat where you need it. After the rowers seating positions and at the point where the boat cuts the water. The wave piercing bow cuts the water with an incredible sharp line and keeps the navigation very straight. Wave piercing and Axe Bow reduce the water contact to a minimum and therefor reduces friction. The Filipi boats have copied the design, still under the same water condition, Rubenetti boats seem to have some speed advantage espec. at the endurance races. The overall length is 600 cm the width is 75 cm. Other features are:
  • Fix or foldable rigger
  • Some RAL colors available
  • Waterproof compartment
  • Storage net
  • FRP or Active Tool stretcher
top coastal boats
Speed Study: simulation of water cutting and water flow along the hull. Credit Rubenetti design

RS X-19 – (2022), Made in France (2)

This boat from Rowing Sport Boats, Made in France comes in two versions: A Fiberglas / Sandwich structure and a Carbon / Sandwich structure. The weight of the boat is according his structure between 35 and 30 kg and fits perfect in the FISA racing regulations. All RS boats are designed for Atlantic and Pacific racing and can also be used in flat water conditions.The overall length is 600 cm the width is 80m. Other features are:

  • Lightweight – sandwich
  • Coated aluminum wings
  • FRP Foot Stretcher or Active Tool Shoes
  • Sliding seat
  • Life jacket holder
  • Handles
  • Stainless steel screws
  • Almost all colors possible

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