Prices Coastal Boats

Prices of Coastal Boats might continue to increase in 2022

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Are you planning to buy a coastal boat in 2022? The prices of coastal boats have increased in the past few months. The reasons for the increase are well known. Now, might be a good opportunity to purchase a boat before the prices pick up again.

Supply chains

Many supply chains have been interrupted since the beginning of 2021. This was initially due to the lack of container ships in China and the USA. COVID19 had reduced world trade significantly in 2020, especially the exports from Asia. This caused many container ships to stay in their ports.  The situation was expected to stabilize again in the mid of 2021.
Not at all. COVID19 was surging in the large ports in China. The Chinese government was forced to close parts of some harbour cities . The result: At some point of time, over 15000 containers were waiting to be shipped. Not only rowing boats and rowing boats materials were delayed significantly but also European manufacturers like RS or RUBENETTI were waiting for parts or materials.

Prices Coastal Boats
Need is the mother of invention: Co2x with bow and stern rigging. Spare materials led to new styles. Credit: Rowing in Europe

Next to the supply chain issues, another factor came into play. Suddenly, governmental restriction applied also to the manufacturing chains (companies) producing  raw materials or equipment. Result: Lower volumes were sent to Europe. And those in Europe who were able to get materials had to pay more. Have a look at the price increases of materials necessary to build boats (Period: 3/21-10/21) (More information in German).

Materials/Expenses Increase in %
Polyester resin 32%
Epoxy resin 15%
Core fabric 10%
Glass fabric 20%
Carbon fabric 15%
Paint 8%
Spare Parts 12%
Shipping (Container) 500%
Aluminium 35%

Prices of coastal boats: our expectations
The price for coastal boats and parts for coastal boats also depend on the price of the shipping containers. This applies to freight from Southern Europe as well as from overseas.  Whereas the cost per container was around 1800€ in 2020, prices are already around 8000€ today. And the shipping is not only important for complete boats but also parts and materials get significantly more expensive.
Another factor: high energy costs for the production of steel and aluminium. The price of a ton of aluminium hit $ 3,000 a few days ago, the highest price in 13 years. Since January, prices had already risen by 40% due to the recovery of the global economy. No wonder, your rigger cost go up.

Prices Coastal Boats
Prices of Coastal Boats. Fabrics, resins, aluminium, steel – the prices are constantly increasing

In our estimation, the costs of the materials without additional parts will increase by around 200-300€ per Co1x from the beginning of 2021 to January 2022. Depending on the used materials, of course. And the upward trend for resins continues, according to News KI. We do not expect that to change in the coming months. This applies to resins as well as to glass fabrics, which are currently very scarce.
Similar trends can be seen for metal parts. In our opinion, the following can be expected for the development of boat prices (sources: manufacturer price lists, internal research, etc.):

Coastal Boat
Manufacturer* € Price 4/2020 € Price 4/2021 € Price 4/2022**
RUBENETTI C1x National 4250 4250 5.9%
RS X 19 4100 4100 3.7%
Swift 102/103 3950 4250 4.1%
Lite LiteRace 5780 5780 3.5%
Leo Leo C1X 5200 5200 N.N
* Lowest Cost Option
** Pot. price 2022

If you buy a boat, ask the manufacturer about options and prices. They may have offers, second-hand boats, or they can help in some other way.
Interested in second-hand boats? We might have something for you!

Consequences for Coastal Rowers

Since the summer of 2021, some boat suppliers have adjusted their prices. According to our information, prices could rise again in Q1 / 2022. Factors for increasing prices are:

  • Prices of the raw materials, approx. 200-300€ / boat (Co1x)
  • Metal parts, approx. 125€ / boat (solo)
  • Cost for transport and logistics, approx. 120-250€ / boat (Co1x).

We reckon an increase of something between 300 – 500€ per Co1x. Let’s hope that the manufacturers can take some measures to keep the increasing costs lower.


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