How to get into a Coastal Boat

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When you think about how to properly get into a coastal boat, always consider where you are: at the beach or using a slipway. World Rowing has shared some advice, that we would like to share with you.

In general, we recommend that you always have an extra person around to help (one more than there are seats in the boat).

If you get into your Coastal Boat from the beach (which is definitely the most fun), look for a place with smaller waves. 

Slipway launch

Get into Coastal Boat
How to get into a Coastal Boat. Credit: FISA Handbook

On the land adjust the footstretcher so that the thumbs are a fist and a bit apart when sitting at back stops.

  1. Put the blades into the gates and draw the handles across the boat.

  2. Launch the boat.

  3. Stand alongside the position you are going to sit in.

  4. Hold both blade handles and press down on the rigger nearest to you with the other. Slide the seat out of the way and place the foot nearest the boat into the footwell.

  5. Sit down and bring in the other foot.

  6. Put your feet in the shoes.


Beach launch

When launching off an open beach select the zone with the smallest waves and time your entry in the lulls between wave sets.

  1. Put the blades into the gates, adjust foot stretchers and stow water bottles.

  2.  The crew captain checks everyone is ready and explains the launch.

  3. Take the boat to the water.

  4. In big waves keep the bows pointing into the waves. A few boat handlers are very helpful in deep shelving beaches.

  5. Rowers stand by their seats with their outside hand holding both handles.

  6. Bow in a double or bow pair in a quad, then step, slide or climb into the boat first.

  7. Rest of the crew enter the boat.

  8. Immediately bow or bow pair start rowing. They may be needing to steer at this time too.

  9. Cox puts the rudder in while the boat is moving.

  10. Once safely clear of the wave break, stop to put your feet in the shoes.

What’s first? Your feet or your bum? It doesn’t really matter.  

It doesn’t really matter and depends mostly on the waves.

Interested how to get into the boat at a beach sprint? Have a look at this video.


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