Regatta winning Kanghua Coastal Boats

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Kanghua’s Coastal boats have been on the market for a few years now.  Similar to Ave Rowing, Kanghua entered the coastal boat market quite late and appeared as new kids on the block. And the brand is becoming more and more popular and for sure has designed regatta winning boats . The Co1x, Co2x and the Co4x are multiple-winning medal boat. How good are the Kanghua Coastal boats really? In any case, the price-performance ratio is right.

regatta winning races Kanghua
Kanghua double in Barletta, Credit Rowing in Europe

How it started: In cooperation with European coastal boat designers, existing boat designs were examined and a good, fast boat design was found. Speed ​​and stability were the key targets. As a result, boats that meet FISA specifications are built. All products show a well and balance performance for sportive recreational and competitive rowers. Some say that the boats are a copy of the old Eurodiffusion boats. Maybe at the beginning. BTW: copying boat designs are probably “en voge” as we have seen in La Seyne sur Mer and in Barletta. In the meanwhile, all Kanghua boats were changed and the désignes were optimized. Riggers have been modernized. seat positions adjusted. Also production sites have been moved into the European Union. So maybe the old designed helped to create a good and modern coastal boat. For us as customers and coastal rowers, we concentrate on performance and … also price.

Regatta winning: high speed, fast turns

Adrian Miramon uses the Kanghua boats. And he wins in it because he is an outstanding rower. He would probably win in any boat. He is not our benchmark – we have tested the coastal double and the coastal single. 2023 models. The tests were made at the Baltic Sea at a couple of lakes and at the French Atlantic Sea. Our terst was not a scientific test. We just wanted to know how the boat performes in comparison with other coastal boats. Here is what we noticed:

The boats were fast. The double showed exceptional qualities on turns and great stability on long straight navigations. Good for endurance races with many turns. The Co2x was also used in some beach sprints. The beach sprint crews were very happy with the agility at the slalom and turn part of the course. The bow of both boats gives enough direction for a straight course for a normal crew weight. Below a crew weight below 60 kg the bow started dancing. For a 70kg person – no worries. When you enter the single and start to row, it feels like a “torpedo”. A lady tester: “It takes off real nice”. Flat water rowers might find it instable. We got used to this very quick after 10 strokes you could manage the boat well. Our conclusion: Great value for the price. Boats are performing well, and prices are on Swift Racing level. Their manufacturing quality is on a good level. No cracks or délamination seen on our boats. It is very interesting to see how well the boats do on international rowing championships. Kanghua had some successful races in France and in Barletta.

Coastal boats from Kanghua: Features:

The equipment of the boats is good. The riggers fit well and are solid. The fin also sat well and straight in our boat. Active Tools shoes ensure a good fit and good foot/stretcher binding. The water intake was minimal. What is missing are handles. Boats were within FISA specification. Still, to manage our internal logistics  we prefer lighter boats. Every Kg counts. Boat come in Club (FRP) and Elite (Carbon) Versions.

Product range according to the data sheet on the homepage

KCX construction / Homepage

External skin Glassfibre (Club) / Carbon (Elite)
Internal skin Glassfibre (Club) / Carbon (Elite)
Reinforcement Carbon and aramid fibre
Core material Soric core
Seat decking Glassfibre (Club) / Carbon (Elite)
Ribs Glassfibre (Club) / Carbon (Elite)
Curing type Epoxy
Method Vacuum infusion, oven cure

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