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Waterproof Rowing Socks at Coastal-Boats!

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Looking for waterproof rowing socks? We have exactly what you’re looking for here at Coastal-Boats!
Are you rowing in fall? Do you know what it feels when cold rainwater poured along your legs and little by little wet your socks? Want to keep your feet warm and dry?  Have a look at our waterproof rowing socks.
Protect your feet and keep them warm and dry with rowing socks from our shop!

Waterproof Rowing Socks at Coastal Boats
Crosspoint – Hi-Viz, waterproof rowing socks

How about the Hi-Viz socks from Crosspoint. These rowing socks were developed to solve the annoying issue of wet feet. Your feet stay warm and dry while you row, sit on a bike or do stand up paddling. The socks are durable, have 3 layers and feel like real socks.
Waterproof Rowing socks at Coastal-Boats
Ultra-thin socks from DexShell

Or how about the ultra-thin rowing and outdoor socks from DexShell?
A light, calf-length sock with merino wool and an intermediate membrane. Ideal for daily use while rowing, hiking or other outdoor activities, especially in cold and damp weather. The three-layer design of our rowing socks makes them comfortable to wear while at the same time being extremely durable.
Interested? Have a look at our shop!


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