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Get your Coastal Boat delivered – Across Europe

Hi Coastal-Boat Team,

I would like to get a Coastal Boat in Sweden. Do you send your boats all over Europe? And can I get my coastal boat delivered  to Stockholm?

Best wishes, Marthe

We received this message in March 2021. And we have good news for you! Your do get your Coastal Boat delivered. Also to Sweden or Norway

Good news for the European Coastal Rowing community! We can deliver all boats we offer! In Germany, Austria and Switzerland we deliver the boats via trailer (up to 12 boats per delivery). If you are located somewhere else, we use an agency. And our boat-box!

Coastal Boat delivery
Easy to unload and not heavy at all!

We were able to answer Marthes request for a X-19 with a YES! We deliver your Coastal Boat, no matter if you are located somewhere in Scandinavia, in the U.K. or in Eastern Europe! You ask yourself, how do they do it?

Get your Coastal Boat delivered! All over Europe!

We will build a wooden box for your boat. The wooden box can contain a boat, rigger and skulls and more! Even our trolley fits in the box! And it’s easy to unload!

The boat is about the same weight as the boat, so you need a couple of people to move it around, but that shouldn’t be a problem, right? Interested in getting your Coastal Boat delivered? Contact us and we will take care of everything!

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