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Coastal Rowing on the Adriatic Coast

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Are you planning your vacation this summer or next year? Do you like the sea? Or Lagoons? Or rivers? Think about the Adriatic! There are many opportunities to row between Trieste and Venice. One good example is Lignano. So, how about some coastal rowing on the Adriatic coast?
Lignano is a well-known seaside resort on the upper Italian Adriatic coast between Venice and Trieste. The city stretches over an eight-kilometer peninsula and splits into the lively center of Sabbiadoro with its hotels, bars and shopping streets and the other two, quieter districts of Pineta and Riviera.
And there are miles of sandy beaches by the sea, where you can lazily enjoy in the sun. Or enjoy all sorts of water sports.
Coastal Boats in Italien
Coastal Rowing on the Adriatic Coast

Coastal rowing on the Adriatic coast

This mixture makes Lignano particularly attractive for water sports enthusiasts and rowers. The rowers are located close by, in the Laguna di Marano. The town’s rowing club is located in Porticcioli Casoni, somewhat hidden between motor boats and parking lots. The Passau new press writes: “The Circolo Canottieri Lignano (CCL), founded in 2004, has just 30 members. A container that stores boats, sculls and oars under the open sky serves as a clubhouse. Training takes place in the lagoon and the estuary between and sailing yachts, motor boats, buoys and boundary posts. Challenging conditions, impressive panorama. No wonder that Lignano was the venue for the Italian Coastal Rowing Championships in September 2020, as President Alessandro Lorenzon proudly emphasizes.

Coastal Rowing an der Adriaküste
President Alessandro Lorenzon (r.) and Coach Stefano Preradovic of the Rowing Club Circolo Canottieri Lignano. Credit: Passauer Neue Presse
If you don’t like so quiet you should try to row on the Tagliamento. Twice a week, the club offers taster rides in rowing boats or canoes on the river for holidaymakers at the Marina Azzurra Resort.”

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