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Swiss Quad wins the Atlantic Challenge

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It is the “Swiss Raw” team that takes the lead in the crazy Atlantic Challenge just a few days after the start on December 12th in the Canary Islands. After five weeks alone at sea, the destination on the Caribbean island of Antigua was reached. All became clear as of last Sunday: The Swiss Quad wins the Atlantic Challenge.
Minutes before the victory:

 Victory announcement: Swiss raw proudly announced right at the beginning of the race, that they would win and beat world record time. Although the team won without a world record time: This would have been 29 days. In this years race, weather and wind did not cooperate.  Still, Swiss Raw arrived in Antigua after 35 rowing days. The second-placed British “Atlantic Flyers” arrived only two and a half days later!

Matthias Dubach of the Swiss Magazine “Blick” writes: “It’s going to be a nocturnal triumph! It’s still night at the destination of English Harbor on the Caribbean island of Antigua when the winners of the world’s toughest rowing race set foot on Sunday for the first time after five weeks on the high seas. The winners? The Swiss Men’s quartet “Swiss Raw”, which makes history with the triumph in the crazy Atlantic Challenge: For the first time, a team from a non Coastal Country could win.

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