Coastal Rowing in Berlin

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The German States Brandenburg and Berlin offer immense rowing opportunities. More than 400qkm of water. Some areas are also suitable for Coastal Rowing. Some are really tough. Thats why we have implemented a Hub for Coastal Rowing in Berlin. Check with us and send an email.

Coastal Rowing Hub in Berlin

Have a look at the wind situation in Berlin: It looks like the coastal season is winter and spring. Wind speed reaches 38-50 km/hr. not bad 4-5 bft.  During our last trip in Berlin Wannsee, we experienced waves of 50cm.

Coastal Rowing Hub in Berlin
Wind Speed in Berlin during the year

Mueggelsee, Wannsee, and Dahme are best for Coastal Rowing in Berlin. I remember having trouble rowing through the Lake Mueggelsee with a Touring Quad beeing afraid not to reach the lake shores. Our boats were full with water –  2 persons were rowing, 2 and the cox were trying to get the water out of the boat. Same on Lake Wannsee. Two water stops were needed to get the water out of the boat. We changes lake sides but did not notice any difference. Waves everywhere. Every stroke lead to water entry in our boats.
Stützpunkt Küstenrudern in Berlin
The risk of having  a serious issue with water in the boat, sinking or beeing unable to row is really reduced when using a coastal boat. Some days the lake conditions are really hard and dangerous for Olympic Boats. Much eaier for a coastal Solo or Double.  Even in rainy and windy conditions, you coastal rides smoothly thru the water.
So when you expect a bumpy row on a Berlin lake, call us or send an email. We will let you know about our coastal rowing Hub  in Berlin.


List of Berlin Rowing clubs 


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