Sunglasses with integrated rear view mirror

Sunglasses with integrated rear view mirror

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The new sunglasses with integrated rear view mirror. The new TriEye™ model is a further development of the innovative sports glasses with rear view mirror. This stands for new safety standards in traffic and modern design with large panoramic lenses. The new XXL lenses provide protection from UV radiation and give the eye a more comfortable view in the rearview mirror. Compared to the previous model (TriEye PRO), the size of the new adapted rear view mirror gives the eye a more optimized use. Thus, both the sporty and urban cyclists benefit from the safe view to the back and clear view to the front (read about test results)

special feature of the new TriEye View is the sustainability of the glasses. We guarantee the possible replacement of each individual component – whether for the lenses, the frame, rear view mirror, nose pad, etc.. Rounding out the new TriEye™ model is a stylish design that includes smoke lenses, giving the eye a protective and comfortable effect. The 32 gram lightweight goggles offer an optimal fit thanks to the moldable temple and nose pad, UV400 protection and anti-fog coating.

Included with the purchase of the new View SPORT HIGH DEFINITION are the glasses with frame, contrast-enhancing lenses, a microfiber pouch, glasses case and a glasses cleaning cloth.

Coastal Rowing sunglasses
Sunglasses with integrated rear view mirror


The new TriEye View in every day use

Everyone wants to reach their destination as safely as possible. It is very important to correctly assess the situation in traffic. TriEye™ is also your faithful companion in the city. Whether you’re riding a bike or an e-scooter, the revised mirror size makes it even easier for you to look safely into the rearview mirror while still maintaining a clear view ahead.

Sunglasses with integrated rear view mirror: TriEye™ in sports: 

The glasses are suitable for many sports and activities such as cycling, thriathlon, running, rowing and inline skating. It’s also very helpful when you’re riding a Segway, e-scooter or even a recumbent bike!

Stylish: Rowing sunglasses with integrated rear view mirror

TriEye™ models have a stylish design that includes blue mirrored lenses that have a calming effect on the athlete. The 32 gram lightweight glasses offer a great fit. The nose pad is adjustable, UV400 protection and anti-fog coating are further features. Available in our shop

Rowing glasses:

Yes. These glasses are a valuable extra for rowers. They offer a great plus in safety and comfort. The ideal sunglasses for rowers. After just a few intances, you are familiar with the mirrors. Select the different Sunglass sizes in order to define your rear view. Smaler glasses gives zu a more closer look into the back, a larger model provides a broader look.

Using TriEye™

TriEye™ works like a car rearview mirror and can be adjusted to fit you exactly. The rearview mirror is optimally adjusted when you can see part of your cheek in it. Please refrain from looking permanently into the mirror. Take a quick look to assess the traffic situation behind you and always remember to check the “blind spot”.

Tip for parents:

A bicycle trailer is very popular among parents as well as their offspring. Sometimes it is not only fun, but also a source of concern: during the ride you can’t see what’s going on with the trailer. You have to constantly turn around to check on your child. TriEye™ offers a simple and effective solution to the problem. With these innovative glasses, you’ll have a better view of the trailer with just a slight movement of your head, increasing the safety of your little passenger. Be sure to check out this video and let TriEye™ convince you!

Sunglasses with integrated rear view mirror: more features

The glare protection of the mirrored View SPORT High Definition by TriEye™ in the rose variant corresponds to the categorie 3 and is therefore suitable for bright sunlight, e.g. for use in the midday sun. The rose colored glass reduces glare and optimizes the contrast sensitivity. Especially for outdoor activities, this offers a great number of advantages. Through simple opening of the latches on both sides, the glasses can be changed without any problems.

The glasses are equipped with the adjustable rear view mirror and full UV400 protection. The mirror can be adjusted to any face shape and has an anti-fog coating. Since the lens is made of durable polycarbonate, you don’t have to worry about accidentally dropping the glasses. The frame of the glasses consists of a durable plastic polymer, which combines low weight and enormous load capacity. The four frame vents provide optimal airflow.

Die Hauptmerkmale von TriEye


At the ISPO Awards 2019, TriEye™ received the Gold Winner award in the Outdoor > Biking category. After the Taipei Cycle d&i award 2018 and the Public’s Choice of the Eurobike Start-Up Award 2018, it is already the third award for the sports glasses with the rear view mirror.

Auszeichnungen und Award von TriEye

Technical Data

  • Weight: 30g
  • UV Protection: UV400 (100% Protection with all glasses)
  • Frame material: Grilamid TR90
  • Lens material: Polykarbonat
  • Mirror material: Polykarbonat

Scope of delivery

  • Glasses with temples and smoke lens
  • Spectacle case
  • Microfibre bag
  • Glasses cleaning cloth

Glare protection

Filter category. Usability/ Suitability Anti-glare factor
0 Suitable for light light protection Light absorption up to 20% TriEye
1 Suitable for overcast, cloudy weather conditions Light absorption from 20 to 57% TriEye
2 Suitable for the summer sun in our latitudes Light absorption up to 82% TriEye
3 Suitable for bright sunlight, e.g. midday sun, on the beach Light absorption up to 92% TriEye
4 Suitable for extremely high solar radiation, e.g. in high mountains, in the desert; Unsuitable for driving! Light absorption up to 97%



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    A picture of the wearers side showing the mirrors and one with a person wearig the glasses would be smart…

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