TriEye Rowing Sunglasses with integrated rear view mirror


Details of the rowing sunglasses with integrated rear view mirror.  Read newest review

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Weight: 32g

UV protection: UV400 (100% protection)

Frame material: Grilamid TR90, black

Lens material: Polycarbonate

Mirror material: polycarbonate

Use in moderate and bright sunlight

Anti-glare cat.3, UV400 protection

Anti Fog Coating

Adjustable Nose Pad

Various sizes (S/M)

Neutralize UV-A and UV-B rays

The TriEye Rowing sunglasses with integrated rear view mirror: View Sport Revo Dual has rear view mirrors on both sides, making them particularly suitable for rowing. The view to the rear is only possible to a limited extent when rowing, as you are known to sit against the direction of travel. In addition, depending on the water, both the view to the left and to the right is important. Recreational rowers in particular like to use the TriEye because it gives them an all-round view and protects them from the sun’s rays at the same time.


TriEye View Sport Revo Blue Dual: Rowing sunglasses with integrated rear view mirror:

It is a further development of the innovative glasses with rear view mirror. This stands above all for new safety standards in water and road traffic, outdoor sports and comes with  a modern design with large panoramic lenses. The new XXL lenses provide protection against UV radiation and give the eye a comfortable view in the rearview mirror. Review here

TriEye View are sustainabe glasses. Thus, we guarantee the possible replacement of each individual component – whether for the lenses, frame, rear view mirror, nose pad.

Stylish: The new TriEye Rowing sunglasses with integrated rear view mirror

TriEye™ models have a stylish design that includes blue mirrored lenses that have a calming effect on the athlete. The 32 gram lightweight glasses offer a great fit. The nose pad is adjustable, UV400 protection and anti-fog coating are further features.

Rowing glasses:

Yes. These glasses are a valuable extra for rowers. They offer a great plus in safety and comfort. The ideal sunglasses for rowers. After just a few intances, you are familiar with the mirrors. Select the different Sunglass sizes in order to define your rear view. Smaler glasses gives zu a more closer look into the back, a larger model provides a broader look.