First test result’s TriEye sunglasses with rear view mirror

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Find here a test summery of our international rowing community. Read about the first test result’s TriEye sunglasses with integrated rear-view mirror. A light summery.
A total of about eight people have tested the sunglasses and the result is impressive. We received feedback from New Zealand, Japan, England, Germany and Italy. Ladies and Gentlemen. We have postet about the sunglasses before.

Sun protection

The sunglasses give very good protection against sun and UV rays. My Uvex and Oakley glasses are a little rounder shaped at my cheeks that these glasses. But the Trieye has enough side protection against side beams and water reflection.

Adjustment of the mirrors

The rear-view mirrors can be adjusted very easily – right and left with thumb and index finger. You move the mirrors without touching the sunglasses itself. Some testers had trouble adjusting in the mirror on the left. With a little practice, it worked wonderfully.

TriEye Sunglasses with rear view mirrow
“Panonorama” view, right mirror

Are the mirrors reflecting sunshine?

No, not really. Off course it depends where you row and navigate. It happened to me when rowing a ESE course at 6 a.m. in the morning. The sun / water reflected shortly in the left mirror. I adjusted the course 2-3 degrees – the reflection was gone.

Fits well on your nose

Great fit on your nose. Some athletes were skeptical that the mirror settings would need to be re – adjusted because the glasses would slide down on ones nose. The test showed the opposite, the adjustable nose pads are flexible but do not need to be re-adjusted while rowing. Also, the glasses fit well at one’s ears. No one felt the gaggles were moving while rowing. Despite sweat or rain water. All text persons were wearing the “M” version. This is the universal size we guess for women and men.

Easy use of the rear-view mirror

It’s really an easy play. Except for one athlete from New Zealand, everyone got along well with the glasses. Maybe it was because the athlete sat on stroke in the quad and could not concentrate on the mirror. The person did not use it in a single.

TriEye sunglasses with integrated rear-view mirror. Is it difficult to use the mirrors?

Not at all. All test participants confirmed and that it takes about 5-10 minutes to get used to the system. So, no worries. It’s easy.
Once you have adjusted to it, the mirror becomes an important control and safety instrument. The mechanism works similar to the car mirror. At regular intervals, you look left and right to see if an obstacle appears in front of the boat. And the view to the back works well. Sharp and not milky as with some of plastic mirrors on the market.

Our tip: set one mirror that it shows a wide horizon, as much as possible. I use this for navigation. Use the other mirror to see the direction of the boat and possibly detect small obstacles in front of it.

Conclusion: The times that I use a base cap with attached mirrors are over. Also the funny looks from my rowing bodies (stylish cap with a mirror?) are history. It will be my standard in my single and in the double. The trieye glasses are good sunglasses with great rear-view mirror features. Is it worth paying 109.00 Euros. I think so. One prevented accident and it has paid off. Find the original product in our shop


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