Coastal Skiff RS X19

Coastal Skiff RS X19, Rowing Sport Boats

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We are counting down the days: The new Coastal Skiff RS X19 from Rowing Sport Boats will be on the market soon.

It will be a coastal rowing boat that has been designed according to the latest 2021 / 2022 standards. The prototype of the  boat was spotted on the Atlantic Ocean in January. After months of testing on harsh and heavy conditions, fine tunimng has been made and been incorporated into the negative mold. Now the new RS X19 is coming onto the market. Deliveries to England, France and Germany will begin in a few days. Coastal is the exclusive representative of these boats Made in France.

Target group of the Coastal Skiff RS X19: regatta rowers and ambitious masters.
The boat should be rowed by ambitious rowers. Recreational athletes will get along with it, but feel a bit wobbly in the first few minutes. The target group is the ambitious regatta rower and master rower. French test rowers have perceived the boat as fast and stable in navigation. Thanks to its improved “wave piercing bow” it cuts the water well, even in smaller waves or on flat lakes. The stability has been significantly improved with the help of various prototype tests.

Coastal Skiff RS X19

Coastal Solo Skiff. Wave piercing bow cuts the water quickly and cleanly

3 questions to the designer about the Coastal Skiff RS X19:

Am I competitive with the boat?

Yes of course. On the long haul, the new design developed into a favorite. I learned from the experiences of earlier boat building times and made the 2022 RS X 19 boat faster. Stability improved. The ideal area is the Atlantic. Good conditions are Atlantic waves, 1.20 to 2.00m high. Excellent also the bow in shallow water.

Can this boat be rowed by athletes or in  leisure sports?

Yes. The athlete should have some experience in coastal rowing. Our bow shape is an advantage on flat water. We cut the water with every stroke. Many other boats jump in shallow water or have too much wetting in the bow. It is not suitable for training such as the touring Y18. This new X19 boat offers very good stability even for non-regatta rowers

What materials did you use?

As with the RS X19, we offer a carbon version and a version with a material mix (GRP/carbon). The prices depend on the version and the features the user wants. In any case, it will be a very competitive price. Coastal Boats will offer an introductory price.


presently one of the best Allrounder Boats: RS Y18

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