Coastal Rowing Beach Sprint Trainings

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Dear coaches, how much do know about the Coastal Rowing Beach Sprint Trainings? Sure you know a lot it. I guess, you are already in the middle of the trainings. The trainings for the Beach Sprints 2023 have already been running for a some weeks.

If we take a look at the trainings it becomes very clear: The trainings are different. Instead of a 2000m race, the sprint teams are preparing for 500m races. Including 2 sprints of 50-70 meters. Not only that the athletes have a different constitution, but also the training is focused on speed, sprint strength and agility. Do you know the

RunRowRun concept – a Coastal Rowing Beach Sprint Trainings.

Beach Sprint trainings
RunRowRun. Credit: Fisa World Rowing: Running a selection Beach Sprint


Fisa World Rowing has reported, that many leading Coastal Rowing nations use this concept. In this concept the athletes run about 50-70 meters to the ergometer and continue to row about 500 meters. Immediately afterwards, the athletes sprint 50 meters back to the starting point. Many clubs repeat this cycle 5-6 times per session. Check out this World Rowing video if you like

Of course, this is no substitution for a real race. Nor does it need to be. We also work with machines and ergs in the 2000 M training. Here the goal is to find a timing and simulate a racing system. World Rowing knows that not all coaches who send their crews to eliminations have access to a beach. They recommend a relatively hard surface for the “run” part of the training.

Have a look at this video. Sina Burmeister, a terrific German Coach for Coastal Rowing has provided us with a training video here. Slight incline for the sprint, ergometer in the fresh air…. Everything you need for a good beach sprint workout. Worthy of imitation. And Sina knows what she is doing. After all, her athletes from the Ulm rowing club are medal winners and are among the top favorites in the beach sprints in 2023 /ERCC, WRCC/ READ:

Coaches: What do you think? Do you have any comments or suggestions on how to train the beach sprints? Send us a comment.

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