2. Coastal Regatta in Stralsund is about to start

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On the 31.7. and 1.8.2021 the second Stralsund Coastal Regatta will take place in the Strelasund! It is organised by the Stralsund Rowing Club.

Beach Sprint and Long-distance

Saturday will be mostly about the Beach Sprint. It starts at 10 am. Juniors, women and men will start in solo and double sculls.
On Sunday from 10 am onwards, the long-distance is on the schedule. 4-6km are planned. There will be races of all classes from Co1x to Co4x/+.

Stralsund Coastal Regatta: On-site service

The organiser offer support with planning. A contingent of rental boats is available at the club.

Is it worth visiting Stralsund?

That’s a clear yes! You will be able to enjoy a great regatta! And you will feel welcome in Stralsund! How about you plan 3 days for your stay? The city is definitely well worth a visit. Here are 9 more reasons for a visit of Stralsund!

What is the Strelasund?

coastal rowing Regatta in Stralsund
Stralsund with the Strelasund. Credit: Rügenurlaub.de

The Strelasund is a strait that separates two land masses.  It separates the island of Rügen from the Western Pommeranian mainland.

  • Length: 33 Km (25 Km)
  • Narrowest point: 950 m
  • Widest point: almost 3km
  • Width at the rowing club: about 2000 m

Another special natural feature is the lagoon water in the Strelasund. It is made up of the salty water of the Baltic Sea and the freshwater rivers that end in the Sund. It is technically salt water but with low concentration of salt. And interesting setting for races.
In addition to the Stralsund Coastal Regatta the so called Sundschwimmen is worth mentioning. It is an annual international swimming competition with well known swimmers.


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