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Neoprene shirts for coastal rowers

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The HIKO SYMBIO Short-Sleeved e.-prene Shirt for Men – A thin neoprene short-sleeved shirt for all of you who are active in and around the water! This new generation of short-sleeved shirts is made of e.prene – an ecologically more valuable version of comparable neoprene products. Very good neoprene shirts for coastal rowers. Light, flexible and warm.  You can expect the same quality and good experiences with a smaller ecological footprint.


  • Thanks to the combination of three different types of neoprene, this t-shirt achieves a perfect blend of comfort and durability without restricting your ability to move around
  • The front and back are made of 1.5mm thin flexible neoprene that provides warmth and comfort. Ideal for cold days on your Coastal Boat.
  • The side, shoulders and sleeves are made of a thin and very elastic 0.5mm neoprene with excellent breathability.
  • The neckband and areas below your arms are made of a very comfortable Lycra with a fluffy inside. This increases comfort in these areas while providing excellent moisture-wicking properties.

The HIKO SYMBIO Short-Sleeved e.-prene Shirt for Men is part of the SYMBIO line

This line of products is very versatile and suitable for all types of water activities. SYMBIO combines three types of materials. These are used in different areas of the neoprene product, depending on the environmental influences or friction that the respective areas are exposed to. The front and back panels are made of 1.5mm thin neoprene for good insulation against wind and waves. Very thin – only 0.5mm – flexible neoprene covers the shoulders and arms, allowing optimal freedom of movement. Especially when rowing, we really appreciate the freedom of movement around the shoulders and upper arms. The same material is also used on both sides of the waist to ensure comfortable breathing. The insert in the armpit area consists of flexible Lycra with a mesh fabric on the inside. This material is gentle on the skin and facilitates sweat evaporation under the arms.

How do you actually choose neoprene shirt for coastal rowers and their clothing?

When choosing neoprene clothing for rowing, there are several questions to consider. When are you rowing outside? How cold is the water? Are long or short sleeves better for you? Freedom of movement of the upper body is particularly important when rowing. We at Coastal Boats, therefore, recommend short two-piece suits. It is also important that the clothing fits relatively tightly so that, on the one hand, no water can collect under the clothing and, on the other hand, no air accumulates under the clothing, and the suit heats up on the inside.

Neoprene shirts for coastal Rowers: How to take care of neoprene clothing?

Neoprene clothing should never be subjected to too much tension. Furthermore, everything should always be stored hanging so that they are protected from irreversible deformations caused by folds. After use, neoprene clothing should always be washed with clear water and air dried. Neoprene clothing should never be machine washed or dried with hot air (tumble dryer or blow dryer) or over a heater. For stains, soapy water and a soft brush can be used if necessary. Never use washing powder or chemical solvents for cleaning. Minor damage should be repaired immediately to prevent it from spreading further.

Neoprene shirts for coastal rowers
HIKO Neoprene size chart

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