How to avoid Beach Sprint Rowing penalties

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There are many way to loose a Beach Sprint race. Read this article and understand how to avoid Beach sprint rowing penalties and not loose a race.  In generell, the jury will impose appropriate penalties in the event of a breach of the rules. The jury may impose the following penalties:

i. Reprimand
ii. Time penalty
iii. Yellow card (applies to the next round in which the team participates)
iv. Exclusion, if expressly provided for in these rules
v. Red card or exclusion (from all rounds of the event in question)
vi. Disqualification (from all events of the regatta) .

Avoid penalties during the different phases of the race.

At the (False)  start:

What is a false start? A false start is when, before the start command:
– a racer’s feet cross the start line
– a crew member begins to climb onto their boat or part of their upper body or legs are in or on the boat
– the start judge is the only person who can decide on a false start. If this is the case, the referee at the start must immediately raise the red flag and the starter stops the race by waving the red flag and repeatedly sounding the horn until all crews have stopped.
– The referee at the start informs the starter which crew has caused a false start and the starter gives the crew a yellow card.
– Consequences for the crew -> Yellow card – If a crew receives 2 yellow cards for the same race, they will be penalized with a red card.

Beach sprint rowing penalties
Watch the flag: Credit: Rowing Australia

While entering the boat:

It is the crew’s responsibility to investigate the running parcours. Upon running to the boat the runner shall  run in the designated route to the boat and enter. Watch out where your flag it. The picture below from Rowing Australia illustrates very well. It shows the flag and the runner on the right is passing the flag with his left shoulder.  The outside. Do not shorten the running distance.

While exiting the boat at the beach

Upon reaching the beach, a crew member shall disembark and run in the designated route to the finish point. This means, after exiting the boat, each runner mast pass on the outside of the flag placed on the water’s edge in line with the lane buoys of their lane when running to the finish line.

Penalty: A runner not passing on the correct side of the flag will be awarded with a Time Penalty of 10 seconds. Tip: Boathandler to show  and lead to the runner to the flag.

Credit: WR_ Mgrs Meeting Thailand

Beach Sprint Rowing penalties while rowing the lanes

A crew must correctly round any buoys on the course and must complete the full course as designated by the OC.
・ not correctly rounding the first or second buoy from the beach → 30 seconds each instance
・ not correctly rounding the third buoy from the beach → 120 seconds

Interference with other crews or boats: A crew causes interference to its opponents if it’s oars, sculls or boat encroach into the opponent’s water and cause a disadvantage to its opponents by contact or by causing the other crew to change course to avoid such contact. So look for clear water and plan your course well. The judge can in case of interfering, exclude the crew, award a Time Penalty of 10 seconds or such other time as they deem appropriate.


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