Gloves and Coastal Rowing?

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Do you need gloves for Coastal Rowing? Most rowers have strong opinions about the use of gloves.

Unfortunately, rowing still continues to keep its macho image. You’re the toughest and most persistent person out there as soon as you enter your boat. We can see that at regattas. Rowers in bare feet everywhere, no matter of the ground, and some of the “self-applied pre-treatments of blisters” (No, peeing on hands doesn’t make the skin stronger).

Every rower will get blisters at their hand at some point in their rowing career. One example here is if you go to a rowing camp. You increase the amount of exercise significantly – which will (hopefully) not only increase your performance but it most certainly will result in blisters.

What is actually responsible for the development of blisters? The oar grips? Your technique? Do you do something wrong? In the end, it doesn’t matter! Why suffer and live with painful or even bloody hands?

Time for a modern approach!

Rowers have to start to accept that they will develop blisters at some point! We have to live with them but also look for solutions! We ( and want to change the general attitude when it comes to blisters and gloves! We say: Every rower needs a pair of gloves, even if you only wear them a couple of times per year!

Personally, I developed a lot of blisters. Sometimes even below my calluses. Especially while rowing my single. Maybe I use a different technique? Who knows.

The solution

Gloves with rubber grips and a hatched surface for your rowing hand ensure that the oar rests securely in your hand. The gloves are additional protection for rowing and sculling.
We should fight the stigma of wearing gloves and change attitudes when it comes to the prevention of blisters in water sports. Think about it. You use shoes, you use calf guards, you use sun hats and sun cream, right? You do several things to protect your body during training and competitions. So, what’s wrong with gloves?

Leading by example

Julie and Patrick, two rowers and coaches from New York, realised that the aversion against the prevention of blisters became a bit of a relic. So, they started to develop gloves that are optimised to the specific needs of rowers.

We’ve seen several times, that rowers who got painful blisters did everything to avoid them. Some tried gloves for bodybuilding, or gloves for cycling and golfing. Some were even using gloves, you’d normally use for gardening. None of those gloves were made for the unique movements you do as a rower.

Think about it! Isn’t it time to invest something in a good pair of gloves that are specifically made for rowers? We have them in our shop! Have a look!

What do you think about that?

Did you ever wear gloves while rowing?
If not, what would change your mind?

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