Coastal Rowing Standard

Flensburg sets a new Coastal Rowing Standard

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The Rowingclub Flensburg has set a great new standard last weekend. The German local news channel NDR reported on the regatta with the title “Defying the waves with coastal rowing”.
The regatta: Coastal Rowing at its finest – In terms of participants and organisation!
Over 150 rowers from all across Germany accepted the invitation from the Flensburg Rowing Club. And right from the start, the event with its Foerde Race set high standards for future coastal regattas in Germany.

Beach Sprint to the Buzzer, Lars Wichert and RC Allemania, Credit: Jürgen Hein

The location:

The area around the boathouse of the Flensburg Rowing Club offers a perfect setup for Coastal Regattas. There are only a few places in Europe where the Beach Sprint and Long Distance can be reached within 1-2 minutes. The beach and jetty are right by the boathouse. The beautiful area around the boathouse is also ideal for camping.

The beach

A great place for the Beach Sprint. It is wide enough to accommodate all electronic equipment and it offers space for the sponsors and communication material. Last but not least, it has exactly the right distance for the start sprint to the boats.
The course was set up for 4 participants. One could also imagine 8-10 lanes, depending on the size of the field of participants in the future.
Not only the width of the beach was perfect but also the water depth was very pleasant for athletes and start assistants.

Coastal Rowing Standard
Close to the boat house. Perfect conditions for rowers and the many helping hands. Credit: Jürgen Hein

The Flensburg team: a new coastal rowing standard

Of particular note is also the high level of commitment of the Flensburg team. Almost all club members were involved in the regatta. Preparations were under way long before the regatta and the helpers were quick and careful. They moved trailers and boats, and were most of the time one step ahead of the action.
The event in Flensburg showed once again that Coastal Rowing Regattas are becoming more professional in Germany. Slowly one is getting closer to the standards of the classic coastal countries like France.

Can we see more of Flensburg, please?

We probably speak in the name of the coastal rowing community when we say it would be amazing to see more of Flensburg in the future. Another regatta? A national event? Maybe even a first international regatta in a few years?
We can confirm – they are ready!

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