Dolphins in Barletta

Dolphins in Barletta

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We have found something beautiful for you! A small spectacle from the sea near Barletta – a group of dolphins appeared during rowing training. The video was taken from a boat near the Naval League. Thanks go to Rowing Barletta for posting the video.

Dolphins in Barletta – Maybe also an attraction at the World Championships?

Maybe we will also be surprised by these companions at the Coastal Rowing World Championships. Here’s the video!

A spectacle that you might not have expected in Barletta. Especially after the countless reports about dolphins that were stranded on the surrounding beaches in recent years – without the reason being found out so far.

There was astonishment when a couple of them surprisingly appeared beside a boat near the city’s harbor. In the video, you can see well how the dolphins danced around the boats amicably and without fear. They were spectators in the front row, with VIP tickets, attending the training sessions of Federica Chisena and Paola Piazzolla.

And let’s face it; these moments make Coastal Rowing so unique. Rowing in harmony with the tides and nature – Coastal Rowing is something special, not only when you see the dolphins in Barletta.


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