Does boat waxing increase the speed?

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There are some rumors in our community: One question always comes up in winter time: Does boat waxing increase the speed of my coastal boat?
The answer is: Boat waxing itself does not directly increase boat speed. The primary purpose of waxing a boat is to protect and enhance the appearance of the boat’s surfaces, rather than to improve its performance on the water. However, there are some indirect factors that could potentially contribute to better speed or efficiency. But you might achieve this also with a good cleaning or polishing sessions.:
  1. Reduced Friction:
    • A smooth, waxed surface may reduce friction between the boat hull and the water. While the impact on speed might be minimal, a cleaner and smoother hull could potentially contribute to slightly better hydrodynamics.
  2. Cleaner Bottom:
    • Regular waxing involves cleaning the boat’s hull, which helps remove any marine growth, algae, or other contaminants. A clean bottom can result in better water flow and less resistance, potentially contributing to improved efficiency.
  3. Rowing Efficiency:
    • While waxing itself may not directly affect speed, muscle power and rowing style are important. Still, a well-maintained boat with a smooth, clean hull can contribute to better boat flow. Reduced friction and drag may require less power to achieve and maintain a certain speed.

It’s important to note that the impact of waxing on boat speed is likely to be subtle, and other factors such as hull design, muscle and rowing performance, and overall boat maintenance play more significant roles in determining speed and efficiency on the water.

Does boat waxing increase the speed of your hull

This is what we have seen: If you are interested in optimizing your boat’s performance, factors such as hull shape, weight distribution, seating position, carbon content or production process are more critical considerations. Regular maintenance, including hull cleaning and waxing, can contribute to the overall well-being of the boat and its systems, but it’s not a direct means of increasing speed.


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