Coastal Rowing in Amrum

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Coastal Rowing in Amrum. Rowing in Europe ( is organizing another workshop in 2024. The Coastal Rowing Workshop in Amrum. Date: May 7-12, 2024. Here is the registration form or register here.

Why Coastal Rowing in Amrum

Community: in Amrum is one of the Coastal Rowing centers in Germany. Many clubs and coastal rowers have been coming to Amrum for years to organize “CoastalRowing Total” for a few days.

The centerpiece: the beach. Amrum, one of the North Frisian Islands in the North Sea, is often praised for its picturesque beaches. Here are some reasons why many people consider Amrum to be a place with particularly beautiful beaches:

Coastal Rowing in Amrum, North Sea, Credit Navionics com

Natural beauty: Amrum offers a natural and unspoiled environment. The beaches stretch along the coast and are surrounded by dunes, sandbanks and diverse flora.
White, champagne sand: The beaches on Amrum are often characterized by fine, white sand, which can shine particularly beautifully in the sunshine. The light-colored sand is pleasant for walking and relaxing.

Space for coaching and beach sprints. The beach in the northern part of the island is particularly suitable for coastal rowers. Space, catering and facilities are available
Space for coastal boats. Some beaches on Amrum extend over large areas, offering plenty of space for rowers and creating a feeling of space and freedom.
Dune landscape: The dunes that accompany the beaches add to the scenic beauty. They not only offer natural protection from the wind and weather, but also lend the surroundings a special aesthetic.
Rowing around the island: It is possible to row around the island in one day. Every year, record attempts are made to see who can complete the fastest lap…
Rowing to the islands: Many day and 1/2 day tours can be planned from Amrum. Sylt, Wyk and other destinations are within reach.
Variety of activities: The beaches offer scope for various activities, including watt-and mudflat walks go see seals, walks, water sports and seabird watching. The variety of recreational opportunities adds to the attractiveness of the beaches.

Why a Coastal Rowing Workshop in Amrum. Coaching and touring

What can you expect when you participate? We combine coaching and touring. The aim of the workshop is to experience the practice of coastal rowing. Coaches and advanced rowers will improve their knowledge. Theory and practice are in a 1/3 ratio. Based on the FISA / World Rowing modules, we start with a theoretical session and then offer plenty of rowing practice. The exercises are led by WR Coastal Coaches and experienced coastal rowers. Register here.

The course is based on the World Rowing Coastal Rowing Coaching modules

Places are limited. We must also point out that we are targeting athletes who have rowing experience and sufficient physical condition. By registering, you confirm that you can swim for at least 15 minutes at a time. The event will also take place in bad weather conditions. The event will not take place or will be modified in strong winds conditions over 5 BF and waves > 150cm. The organizers are planning for a high level of safety. The area is classified as safe. In the event of expected danger, it is important that all participants follow the instructions of the coaches to avoid danger to participants, equipment and third parties. It is mandatory for all rowers to wear life jackets. If available, please bring your own vest. We also have rental vests on site. Everyone should have and wear their own personal (solid) vest. If necessary, we will also provide advice on life jackets during the course and various models can be tried out.

Clothing: Bring a warm change of clothes and beach shoes. Neoprene is best. The organizers provide a number of warm wetsuits for a rental fee. Do you need warm neoprene clothing? Please indicate this when registering. If you wish, you can also order directly here in the store.

Bring your own boat? Always an option. The number of participants in the workshop is limited. For more information, please contact Rowing in Europe. You can register here.  register here.

Date: May 7-12th 2024

Location: Norddorf, Amrum

Prices:  990.00 1250.00€ p.P, Services: 2 days coaching, 2 days coastal camp, 5x B&B, boat place / 1x, 2x, 4x, , drinks, lunch, if you like,



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