Which boat classes are used for Coastal Rowing?

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Which boats are used for Coastal Rowing? A lot of different boat classes are used for the rowing that you are used to, so let’s have a look at Coastal Rowing!

Three different boat classes are used for Coastal Rowing


Coastal Single: (C1x)
Coastal Double: (C2x)
Coastal Four: (Co4x +)

We’re only looking at the modern, sculled Coastal Boats that are used in most regattas and WC (Click here for more information about all different boats used at the coast). Women and Men are competing in all different classes and mixed events are also common. All Boats are constructed with waterproof compartments and are basically unsinkable. The boats can be started from the beach, but you should always look out for your fins. 

Technical Data:

Coastal Single:
1 Rower
Max. Length: 6,00 m
Min. Width: 0.75m
Min. Weight: 35 kg
Regatta/Coastal Teams: CW1x, CM1x

Coastal Double:
2 Rowers
Max. Length: 7,50 m
Min. Width: 1,0 m
Min. Weight 60 kg
Regatta/Coastal Teams: CW2x, CM2x, CMix2x

Coastal Four
4 Rowers plus Cox
Max. Length: 10,70 m
Min. Width: 1,3 m
Min. Weight 130 kg
Regatta/Coastal Teams: CW4x +, CM4x +, CMix4x +


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