Australian Coastal Rowing Championships 2022

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The inaugural Australian Coastal Rowing and Beach Sprints Championships were held at Noosa Main Beach West, QLD, from 18th-21st of August 2022. The event was hosted by Rowing Australia and Rowing Queensland. Many rowers were the first time at the coast and rowed on an ocean.

Not only Beach Sprint and Endurance races took place in Noora. The event was also used as a test event for the potential inclusion of para-rowing at World Rowing Coastal Regattas in the future. You can find a complete overview of the winners and more interviews here.

Many rowers had a blast in the waves, and the event can be seen as an advertisement for our sport!

Statements about the Australian Coastal Rowing Championships 2022

Let’s have a look at two statements of the article of NOOSA today by Ian Hobling. Boats for the events were supplied by Sykes Rowing and their sales manager, George Richards, had about the event the following to say: “For many competitors it was their first experience in the shells which are especially designed for rowing in the ocean and large lakes. Furthermore, being in the ocean, there was a steep learning curve for some of the athletes in regard to surf awareness. Nevertheless, we are pleased that most of the boats and all of the athletes emerged unscathed from some spectacular capsizes on both the steeper waves on the way out and in the Sprint Race competition on Saturday and Sunday.”

Secretary of Coastal Rowing Noosa, Peter Watson said: “It was a great event and a great learning curve. We have a lot to learn about Coastal Rowing. It is not surf boat rowing, we don’t want to catch waves, but learn to harness the power of the surf and row between the breakers. A small shore break is a helpful end to gain an advantage.”

Beach Sprint will be part of the Beach Games 2023 in Bali

Generally is to say, that it seems that the Beach Sprint is most likely the type of competition that will make it to the Olympics. It is not only part of the Olympic Youth Games 2026 in Dakar, Senegal, but also part of the Beach Games 2023 in Bali. Both events are organised by National Olympic Committees and might be used as a test run for the Olympics in LA 2028 or in Brisbane 2032.



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