Coastal Rowing auf einem Fluss mit einem Zweier Boot

Container as a boathouse

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For new sports, there is usually a funding problem, especially at the beginning. Coastal rowing is no exception. New rowing clubs often have the problem that they do not have enough money to set up an adequate infrastructure, such as a boathouse. But also rowing clubs whose boathouse is further away from the coast can face problems with Coastal Rowing.

Container as a boathouse and storage place for rowing boats

So, if you are starting a new Coastal Club and are looking for a temporary solution, consider whether it makes sense to use a container as a boathouse.

Container as a boathouse
Container as a boathouse – boats can also be stored temporarily on a trailer.


Container boathouses are always temporary. But they work. And are fast to set up and cheap. Be it when club members quarrel, and some squabblers simply want to move out and start their own rowing club. Or you want to start a rowing club and you don’t have the money for a boathouse. Or the boathouse is too far away from the coast and there are not enough trailers to drive the boats to the coast every time. A temporary solution can help and used containers are often available for less than 2000 Euros.

It is important that you are aware that this is not a long-term, yearly solution. And especially if you store boats for a while longer on a trailer, you should cover the boats to protect them from too much sunlight and to prevent the gelcoat from flaking off. It’s not the cold or heat that will hurt your boats the most, it’s a sharp difference in temperature and direct UV radiation that will take a toll on your boats in the long run.

In the container itself, you should also be careful to use a softer base or rack to not further scratch the bottom of your boat.

Container as a Boathouse
Beginner boats and oars lie on the ground


Get the site approved and share it with other clubs

Of course, don’t forget to get the site approved by the respective city or district administration. Under certain circumstances, especially in the case of sandy soils, the ground must also be prepared. Of course, you may also have to pay a fee.

If you want to split these costs further, ask, for example, at the local kayak club. Kayaks can also be stored in containers and the fee and costs can be shared between 2 clubs.

Container as a boathouse
Kayaks can be stored perfectly in containers as well


Container as boathouse – summer or temporary solution?

As you can see, such containers are definitely usable as a boathouse. However, you should make sure that the boats inside the container are not unnecessarily dragged back and forth on the ground. If you store boats in front of it or next to it on a trailer, you should use boat covers.

And just an idea for the winter: Maybe you can store your Coastal Boats at the local rowing club in winter and only use the container in summer, which might be placed closer to the beach? What do you think about such a solution? Let us know in the comments!


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