Coastal Coaching and Coastal Workshops

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Coastal Coaching is the defined rowing training with coastal boats at coastal conditions under the guidance of a coach. This type of coaching is growing, still not yet very widespread in German-speaking countries. On the one hand there are not enough coastal boats, on the other hand we are missing coaches teaching FISA / WR standards.

Rowing in Europe GMBH and Coastal Boats. eu offer Coastal Coaching since 2021. Based on the FISA / World Rowing training guidelines, a Coastal Coaching concept was developed for the German-speaking region to ensure a high quality standard.

4 events were organized in 2022 and more are yet to come. Many were connected as a supporting program at regattas. Rowing in Europe was partner at the regattas in Flensburg and Kiel. The advantage: boats and coaches came to the local club or to the organizer.Rowing in Europe took care of all logistics.

coastal coaching by FISA Coaches
How to prepare my boat? Credit Rowing in Europe


Coaching by specific target groups

Coastal Coaching is geared towards target groups. Beginners and athletes who want to get a taste of coastal rowing will find an introduction to the sport. Some theory and much more practice. Another target group are athletes who are more ambitious. Yes, even athletes who want to participate in a beach sprint or endurance event. The coaches provide also tips for boat handlers, safety issues are addressed and the right protective and clothing equipment is discussed.

Coastal Coaching: I am already fit

Every Coastal Rowing athlete can improve the performance. We have developed a method where we mitigate weaknesses and make athletes stronger. Whether it is the sprinting part between start and water, the slalom or the boye turn. We help you to improve.

From workshop to regatta

Often, workshop participants decide to participate in a regatta. They feel ready and trained to enter a beach sprint for example. And the athletes do well in the races. They are fast. Why? They know what to expect on the water, master the small hurdles of the Beach Sprint well. They start right, navigate well, and use a professional way to do the 180 degree turn.

Coastal Coaching Dates for 2023

Planning for 2023 has already begun. Dates in northern Germany and Bavaria are fixed so far. They will be published shortly. Clubs, associations or rowing groups that are interested in coaching are welcome to contact us at an early stage.

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