SECUMAR VIVO 100 Rowing Life Jacket


SECUMAR VIVO 100 Life Jacket with unrestricted arm movement –  Perfect for Rowing with a vest


  • High wearing comfort and unrestricted arm movement
  • Short, slim shape
  • Body-hugging, non-bulky fit
  • Very light weight
  • The VIVO 100 is equipped with the patented, manual automatic release SECUMATIC 301SM
  • Can be put on and taken off in the boat
  • DIN EN ISO 12402-4 (CE-Zeichen)
  • Use from 50kg

The SECUMAR VIVO 100, perfect for rowers and canoeists


SECUMAR VIVO 100 Life Jacket with unrestricted arm movement –  Perfect for Rowing with a vest

The SECUMAR VIVO 100 life jacket allows an optimal movement. Due to its low weight, it is very comfortable to wear. The very short-cut life jacket is so light that it does not interfere even on longer tours and thus offers an imperceptible but high level of safety. The new model has a manual inflator.


Comfortable vest that allows every movement you need. The extremely short, slim shape offers a maximum of freedom while giving you all the safety you need in case something goes wrong. Body-hugging, non-bulky fit. Very light weight.


Vest with safety: The SECUMAR VIVO 100 is equipped with the patented manual release mechanism SECUMATIC 301SM. This inflator has a small green indicator that shows that the vest is ready for use. If the bracket is missing, the vest was triggered without the CO2 cartridge being replaced – so you’re always on the safe side.

Easy to put on and off

Put it on in the boat! The vest is very easy to put on and take off thanks to the light SECUMAR front fastener. It is basically as easy as a normal jacket.


The float and protective cover can be separated from each other and replaced individually. The Secumar Life Jacket should be serviced every 2 years by a Secumar dealer. You can send the life jacket to us for this purpose. The service costs € 55.00 // CHF 60.00.
Technical Data
DIN EN ISO 12402-4 (CE-Zeichen)
  • Performance class (CE): 100 N
  • Method of inflation: Manual inflator SECU 301SM
  • Buoyancy/CO2-Cartridge: 110 N / 22 g
  • Size/Body Weight: over 50 kg
  • Buoyancy bladder type: Bright yellow buoyancy chamber with 3M®-Reflectors
  • Standard equipment: protective cover, neck fleece, oral valve, whistle, reflective strips, lifejacket storage bag
  • Colour: Blue/Orange
  • Integral Harness: No
  • Closure: Front
  • Emergency Light: No/Optional

Further Information

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