HIKO Throwline THROW 20m


Throwbags are an essential part of your safety equipment. We have a throwbag made of high-quality materials for beginners for you – the HIKO Throwline THROW 20m!

The throwline is equipped with buoyant foam. You can attach the throw line to a life jacket with a belt system.

Details of the HIKO Throwline THROW 20m:

  • Throwbag has floating foam inside.
  • Reflective safety strips
  • Floating 10mm rope
  • Tensile Strength: 10000N
  • System to easily attach it to a life jacket or carabiner


A throwbag is an essential piece of safety equipment for every (coastal) rower. Especially on the coast, even the most experienced rowers can get into dicey situations that can easily end in life-threatening situations. In a man-overboard situation, the HIKO Throwline THROW 20m can save lives! It’s perfect for beginners!

At Coastal Boats we place great importance on safety and only offer products that we use!

The HIKO Throwline THROW 20m is made of the following materials:

Durable abrasion-resistant fabric, resistant to petroleum products and detergents.

Floating polypropylene 10mm rope, 10000N tensile, soft, flexible, slips appropriately. The bright yellow colour makes it visible even in white water.

Very soft and flexible closed-cell foam with low apparent density. Highly resistant to chemicals, petroleum products and humidity, it will not rot and it is easy to clean and maintain.

What do you have to consider when buying a throw bag?

The diameter of the rope: Ropes with a smaller diameter (below 7,5mm) are easier to throw but way more difficult to hold on to, for the person in need as well as for the thrower. We recommend a rope with a diameter between 7,5 to 15mm.

The length of the rope: Personally, we prefer a rope with a length between 15 to 20 m (50-70 ft). But you have to consider: the longer the rope, the heavier the bag. Even though it might be lighter, a rope shorter than 15 m does not make any sense. Most of the time the current or the speed of your boat has left the person in need further away and your rope might be too short. And you certainly don’t want to lose any time with turning the boat, especially in wavy conditions.

The colours of the rope: We prefer yellow, orange or green colours. Blue and white are available as well but might not be visible enough in wavy conditions.

Questions about how to use a throw bag? Have a look at our blog!