Hiko Neoprene socks Slim .5


Hiko Neoprene socks Slim .5
You wear them directly at your feet as a secons skin. Use them in your stretcher plate, your Active Tool shoes or in your sneakers.  These socks wear tight and are the ultimate socks for competitive athletes on long stretches. For Rowers, Kayakers and paddlers who like to have warm feet in spring and fall.


Hiko Neoprene Slim Socks .5 mm: 

The socks are made of extremely elastic 0.5 mm thin neoprene.

They are suitable to be worn inside shoes or by themselves during colder summer days. They provide ultimate contact to the stretcher plate in your coastal boat, directly contact to your SUP or Kayak. Presently one the best neoprene slim socks.