Heavy Duty Coastal Boat Trolley


Heavy Duty Coastal Boat Trolley

perfect trolley for heavier boats. For your Solo, Co2x and even for Coastal Quads, Touring boats, Yolettes de Mer. Here are your benefits:

  • carries up to 320 lbs / 145 kg
  • great aluminium alloy material
  • big 10 Inch / 30 cm wheels
  • all terrain wheels: gras, sand and gravel
  • detachable and small
  • less than 5kg weight
  • on board possibility for touring fans


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We are improving our product portefolio with another Coastal Rowing Boat trolley. Our Heavy Duty Coastal boat Trolley. Detachable, light weight and super sturdy. For solos (Co1x), doubles (Co2x) and even Co4x. Also for your Touring Quad and Yolette. This HD Trolley can be used on sand, gras and normal surface. It carries up to 320 lbs and 145 kg. Just right for every modern Coastal Quads. The trolley is made of a special HD aluminium alloy to resist coastal conditions like salt water, UV rays and sand deterioration.  The double belt fastens the boat immeadiately.       trolley for solos and doubles – 80Kg Boats and beach wheels

Benefits: Heavy Duty Coastal Boat Trolley:

  1. Large Weight Capacity: This compact trolley is specially designed for transporting different types of boats and kayaks. The load-bearing frame is widened to 485 mm to achieve greater load capacity. It can hold boats up to 320 pounds (145 kg) without breaking or deforming.
  2. All-terrain solid rubber tires: Our boat and kayak trolley is equipped with approx. 30 cm solid rubber tires that neither need to be inflated nor checked for pressure. The large wheels can absorb shock and pass obstacles, making the cart suitable for all terrains, including grasslands, sandy beaches and gravel roads.
  3. Dual Fastening Straps Design: This cart features a non-slip coating on the strap that can securely connect the boat, surfboard or canoe to the trailer. With the included support pad protector, you can pull or push the cart freely even when going up and down hills, and you don’t have to worry about the boat slipping halfway.
  4. Detachable for Easy Use: Detachable design is convenient for you to store and carry. You can put this cart directly on your car or boat for easier transport. The improved single footrest allows you to stop and fix the cart at any time;
  5. Thanks to this function, the cart can be firmly locked even on uneven road sections without falling over.
  6. Wide Application: The tie down straps of this kayak trailer are extended to about 125cm, making the trailer suitable for multiple types of coastal boats, touring boats, kayaks, including canoes, kayaks, paddle boards, floating mats, etc
  7. on board feature: Take the trolley with you while you row. Its light and detachable