Vogalonga 2024 boat rental


2024 Vogalonga Boat Rental

Book until Oct. 30 and get a 15% Early bird Discount.

Save the Date: 19.05.2024 and rent your boat incl. oars..

  • Coastal Quads (5 seats)
  • Coastal Doubles (2 seats)
  • Coastal Solo
  • Touring Quads / C-Gig (5 seats)
  • refundable deposit
  • Boat registration Form



Many rowers say: The Vogalonga is a must on the bucket list of every rower.  In touring boats and coastal boats. Really: Why don’t you try the Vogalonga in a Coastal Boat. Vogalonga 2024- book your Coastal Boats now.  2024 Vogalonga boat rental. Coastal singles, doubles and Quads.  Save the Date: 19.05.2024.

2024 Vogalonga boat rental

Vogalonga 2024- book your Coastal Boats now. Venice is easy to reach from many airports in Europe. A taxi takes you downtown within 20 Minutes. For those who do not bring their boats, there are several organisations leasing rowing boats, canoes, and kayaks. Rowing in Europe, one of the most experienced Rowing Tour Agencies, organizes boat and seat rentals for individuals or crews. This time also in Coastal Boats. More than 300 guests have used their professional service. You can contact us for further information and rental options. Boat Rental registration 

Take care of hotel arrangements as early as possible. Most rowers start booking their hotels in October. Hotel prices sink in May for a short period – if you plan to get a decent location – waiting too long is counterproductive.

Race Registration at the Comitato

You need to register your crew participation at vogalonga.it. Probably during April 2024. Usually, this website opens up in April and offers you online registration. You can register for a small fee (22€) and receive a tour package, T-Shirt, poster and a medal. Believe us: it’s worth every cent.