Coastal Boats

Coastal Rowing is becoming more and more popular! The rough-water-version of classical rowing is a rapidly growing sport! Many people prefer it due to the high fun factor and incredible experiences on the sea.

Maybe we are able to see it as an Olympic discipline soon! The rowing adventure for all types of waters and weather conditions.

Fast, dynamic and stable.
Our boats are suited for every level of experience - Beginners, advanced rowers and athletes.

For tour rowing, regattas or just for fun.

What is the difference between Rowing and Coastal Rowing?

🌊 Coastal Boats are used at coasts and on larger lakes.

🌊 Coastal Boats have a specially shaped hull to improve gliding, steering and even surfing on the waves.

🌊 Coastal Boats drain the entering water automatically.

🌊 Coastal Boats are wider, heavier and more stable.
Basically unsinkable!

Coastal-Boats sells Coastal Rowing Boats from RUBENETTI and RS Boats. They are the leading brands in their category of boats and supply FISA World Cup regattas.

Available in: United Kingdom, Germany Switzerland and Austria

<p style=”text-align: center;”><span style=”font-size: 15px;”>Available in: Germany, Switzerland and Austria</span></p>

Coastal Rowing Boats and Coastal Rowing

Was unterscheidet Coastal Rowing Boats vom klassischen Rudern?

Ganz wenig:

🌊 Coastal Boote werden an Seen und Küsten eingesetzt.

  • Zum Wanderrudern
  • Als Freizeitsport
  • Als Wettkampfsport

🌊 Coastal Boote haben einen Bootsrumpf mit Gleit und “Kreuzeigenschaften”.

  • Für den Raumschotkurs, Luv und Lee rudern.

🌊 Coastal Boote entleeren automatisch eingedrungenes Wasser.

  • Sehr wendig
  • Wetter und windunanfällig

🌊 Coastal Boote sind breiter, schwerer und stabiler. Und nahezu unsinkbar!

Coastal Rowing Boats
Ruderboote für die Küste oder wellige Seen – Premium Marken wie RS Boote und RUBENETTI.

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